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IDK provides a design service to ensure that your new kitchen suits your lifestyle and provides you with the functionality and comfort you want. Below are some of the design aspects that many customers look for in a kitchen.


Organisation is a key factor in maximising kitchen space and storage. Upon designing your kitchen consider drawers for pots and pans, drawer dividers for cutlery and baskets for small tools. Separation of horizontal and vertical space can best be achieved through shelving. Shelving racks are a stylish and simple way to store readily accessible items such as glasses.

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Inspired Kitchen Storage Design-04
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A stylish look to your kitchen can be created by concealing your appliances, like dishwashers and refrigerators.

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Inspired Kitchen wardroom-15


Setting the right atmosphere in your kitchen can be achieved by the style of lighting you select. Down lights, overhead lights, under cabinet lighting and recessed lights can effectively contribute to your kitchen’s illumination.

Your choice of lighting can set the scene for family dinners, entertaining friends or romantic dinners for two.

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Inspired bathroom lighting-13
Inspired bathroom wardroom-12


The splashback is the type of material used on the kitchen wall to protect it against soiling from water, grease and dirt during cooking. Splashbacks usually cover areas above the sink, cooktop and benchtop and come in a wide variety of materials. These include glass, LED lights behind glass, stone, stainless steel, metaline, timber, mirror and tiles.

Your choice of splashback will be influenced by consideration of the material’s versatility, the level of maintenance involved in keeping your kitchen clean, as well as your budget.

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Inspired bathroom Wall-09


Your choice of benchtop gives a personal touch to your kitchen. Benchtops come in different colours and patterns that range from laminate, granite, corian, marble, tile, hardwood, stainless steel, stone and quartz.


Sinks come in various styles such as round or square bowls, single or double bowls, and are available in stainless steel or white porcelain. Choosing the right sink depends on your individual needs. A large bowl is suitable for washing large items and a double bowl can assist in completing two tasks at once.

The right choice of sink can create a spacious feel to your kitchen and will allow you to better manage and utilise your bench space. Your choice of sink can also be determined by whether you’re right handed or left handed.

In selecting your tap, you could choose a single or dual lever to control water flow and temperature. A high spout tap with an extendable pull-out is ideal for washing and rinsing large items. Taps are available in chrome-plated brass, stainless steel, matt black or white.

Upon purchasing your tap, consider reduction in water flow and saving water to help minimise your environmental impact.

Inspired bathroom wash basin-10
Inspired bathroom wash basin-09
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