How long does it take to renovate my bathroom?

On average, 3-4 weeks. The time will vary depending on the style of the bathroom.

Will I have access to water during the renovation process?

Yes, you will be able to use water anywhere in the household.


Do you do wardrobes and home theatre units?

Yes, we accommodate for all different types of custom joinery.

What are some features that I should look out for in designing my wardrobe?

Our expert designers can assist you in finding solutions to maximise your storage potential. Things to consider include hanging space, adjustable shelves, drawers, baskets, pull-out trouser racks, belt and tie racks, shoe storage and storage of other non-clothing items such as books, linen, blankets, ironing boards and jewellery.

I’m tossing-up between hinged doors and sliding doors. What do you recommend?

This is entirely determined by the amount of space available in the room. Sliding doors are generally better in smaller rooms with limited space, whereas hinged doors are commonly used in spacious rooms.

We are expecting a baby and I would like to change my existing storage robe into a children’s wardrobe. Is that possible?

Yes, we can help you do that. We can refurbish your robe to include hanging space, shelves and drawers to store your baby’s clothing items. As your baby grows into an adolescent, the insertion of adjustable and removable shelves as well as removable hang rods can add flexibility to your wardrobe, allowing you to alter its design features.

How can I make my room look spacious?

Mirror doors can make your room appear larger by reflecting light, adding an extra dimension of space.

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