IDK offers a wide range of quality wardrobe designs and personalised joinery options to build you a stylish wardrobe that maximises function and takes into account room size and shape (e.g. L-shaped, slanted ceiling).

Our qualified designers will incorporate your ideas with their expertise to create the optimal design solution for your storage needs, ensuring that all work is within your budget.

With the use of modern internal design features, IDK can help you attain the best possible use of your existing wardrobe space by allowing flexibility of storage as needs change. At your free home design visit, a designer will provide you with a 3D plan of your dream wardrobe.


There are many accessories for the internal design of your wardrobe.

  • Adjustable shelves allow for efficient organisation and easy access to small and large objects.
  • Drawers are available in a variety of sizes and can store items ranging from socks to underwear.
  • Pull out shelves makes it easy to find items that are difficult to reach. They provide additional space when required, and then glide out of sight again. Great for use as television shelves, keyboard shelves, fold-away computer desks or even fold-away ironing boards.
  • Long hangers accommodate for long clothing items such as coats and dresses, allowing sufficient vertical space to keep clothing wrinkle-free.
  • Double hangers hold short clothing items like pants and shirts, allowing for better organisation. You can separate your clothing items into categories; casual vs. dressy, short-sleeve vs. long-sleeve or sort by colour.
  • Pull-out pivoting mirrors are perfect space savers. They provide a full length view, pivot up to 180 degrees and then simply slide back and out of the way.
  • Baskets make efficient use of space and provide plenty of storage capacity for items such as linen and towels.
  • Trouser racks holds pants, keeping them crease free.
  • Tie racks arrange and holds ties, making your selection trouble free.
  • Belt racks store your belts and keep them together for easy access.
  • Shoe racks save space and keep shoes in good condition.
  • Sensor lights provide better visibility by illuminating dark areas.


Sliding vs. Hinged Doors

Sliding doors are ideal for small rooms where space is limited, whereas hinged doors are commonly used in spacious rooms for easy access to the wardrobe.

You can make a selection from a wide range of door materials such as glass (coloured or frosted), mirrored (provides the illusion of space), timber, polyurethane, melamine and laminate.

If you would like your wardrobe redesigned, are looking for a custom-built storage solution or are interested in adding a new wardrobe to your home, contact IDK today to receive a free, no obligation, in-home design visit.

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